We Serve Healthy Turmeric

Get Turmeric is a company engaged in manufacturing, where we process spice products, specifically turmeric products using the best selected turmeric from Indonesia. Currently our company is expanding to enter the international market to introduce Indonesian spice products to the global market.

Our company is one of the main producers of turmeric products in Indonesia. We produce fresh turmeric finger, dried slice turmeric and turmeric powder.

Our company is a privately owned company with a basic customer base. We continue to be dedicated in production, namely strict quality control and always adapt to meet international standards.

 We have a solid support team and continue to work hard to continue to introduce spices to the global market, both from farmers and employees. With the hope that it continues to achieve customer satisfaction. Not only for customers, but also benefits for farmers and employees so that they continue to prosper and develop.


Quality means in everything. Our company have products and services that delight customer, and then more benefits for investor. We give usefulness, requirements, high value, and low cost with a good quality control system.


Innovation means developing product and services that have high value to the customer. Innovation is the key for us to always adapt to global developments


Work only with competency, knowledge, adhering codes of conduct and ethical standard.


Having strong moral principles and always being truthful. Integrity is one of our most cherished assets, it must not be compromised.

24/7 services

Smoothly complete international transactions from introduction to product delivery, all in one place. Just calls our customer services.